We’re Here For You

At Meals on Wheels, our mandate is to provide meals to the people of our community who are unable to prepare proper nutritious meals on a regular basis. Our clients are often seniors living alone or others with physical or cognitive impairments.

No Age Requirements

You do not need to be a specific age, nor do you need a doctor’s referral.

Minimum: 10 Meals

We require clients to take a minimum of two meals per week and agree to take ten hot meals before making a decision to quit the program.

To join the meal program, simply call the office. We will be pleased to get you started on a healthy, nutritious program within two or three business days.

Establishing an Account with Meals on Wheels Winnipeg

Meals on Wheels of Winnipeg requires the following in order to establish service:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $25 and,
  • A commitment to purchase 10 hot meals, and;
  • Advance non-refundable payment of 10 hot meals.  Advance payment of ten meals will be waived if the client enrols in the pre-authorized payment plan.

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