Types and Cost

Hot And Cold Meals

We do not charge for delivery, and there are no taxes on our services. Meal contents vary by location, and are subject to change. Listed below are the most common meal contents.

Prices effective March 1, 2012:

Standard Hot Meal: $6.00
Consists of soup, entrée (meat or protein alternative), starch, vegetable, a bun and dessert.

Kosher Hot Meal: $9.20
Featuring the same meal components as our standard hot meals, but prepared in a certified Kosher Kitchen. Dairy and non-dairy meals are served in rotation.

Large Portions:
We offer a larger portion of protein for our hot meals. Add $1.00.

Supper Bags:
Available for Kosher and Standard meal clients. To supplement our hot meals, we offer cold supper bags, delivered at the same time as our hot meals. They include a milk or juice, a sandwich, side salad or fruit. Regular: $4.00 / Kosher Style: $3.75.

Frozen Meals

Frozen Meals: Five Meals for $22.00
These meals are different from the regular program in that meals are packaged and kept frozen, so they can be ordered and kept in the freezer. Meals are suitable for a standard diet. They are also available in minced, pureed and blenderized textures.

If you wish to order frozen meals please notify our office by noon on Wednesday for next week delivery.  Orders received on Thursday or Friday will not be processed until the following week.


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