Client Stories

  • A Client Story: Margaret

    MargaretAt 85 years old Margaret has no one left in the city to come and visit her.  Her family and close friends have passed away.  Her only son lives on the other side of the country, but they aren’t in touch anymore.

    “If my husband was alive he would never believe it.”  Margaret says repeatedly as she talks about her long days spent alone in her apartment.

    She had a friend who lived alone and recently died in her apartment.  No one found her for an entire week.  She worries that this will happen to her.

    Client Story: Harold

    Harold lives in a quiet little north end neighborhood, where all the neighbors keep their grass cut and their driveways shoveled. However, cutting the grass is a job that can take a few days now depending on the heat and how his knees are holding up. HPIM0624

    Harold’s not a big fan of the heat. He does a few turns around the yard, comes in the house for a break, then tackles a little more later on. Bit by bit he gets the job done. And he’s happy that he can still do it on his own.


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