Family Volunteering

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    Welcoming Children of all Ages

    Meals on Wheels welcomes children of all ages to deliver meals and smiles to those in need in your neighborhood. We encourage parents and grandparents to show children that your time really can make a difference, whether it is once a month or once a week.




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    Even a Six Year Old can do it!

    Grandma Janis explains:

    “Isabella was so excited and kept asking when we could do it again. She just loved it!  I think the clients enjoyed it just as much!  After the first time she helped us they kept asking when she was coming again.

    I think it made a lot of them happy to see a little one that maybe reminded them of their own grandkids.  Or maybe it was just seeing a little one that brightened their day for them.  Either way she was a big success.  Some of them gave her cookies, candies or just a little pat on the head and had a great big smile on their faces.  They seemed disappointed if she wasn’t with us.”


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