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Health Services & Supports

Health & Wellness Resources

Dial-a-Dietitian connects callers to a registered dietitian, a licensed health professional who can put the science of nutrition into everyday practical advice. The registered dietitian answers your nutrition questions and offer advice on food and nutrition. Written resources can also be mailed to you. This service is free and available to all Manitobans. Service is Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Ph: 204-788-8248       Toll Free: 1-877-830-2892

Emergency Response Information Kit (E.R.I.K.)
E.R.I.K. was developed in response to community concerns about the availability of enough information in emergency situations. E.R.I.K. includes the following: a health information form, a place to insert your Health Care Directive of Living Will, an organ donation card, a sticker to place on your front entrance to notify first responders that you have an E.R.I.K. and a plastic folder with a magnet to hold the information on the front of your fridge. The kit is for seniors, chronically ill people, those who live alone, who have caregivers, who have speech difficulties or communication issues. Once completed, kits must be placed on your refrigerator. You may also want to take a copy of E.R.I.K. with you when you travel. It is important to keep your E.R.I.K. up to date. To receive an E.R.I.K. or for more information, contact your nearest Seniors Community Resource Council.

Find a Physician
The Family Doctor Finder helps to connect Manitobans to a family doctor, nurse practitioner or paediatrician. If you live in Manitoba and need a regular health care provider you can call the line to register with the program. When you call you will be asked for basic information about you, including where you live and your preferences for the type of provider (ex. gender, location, spoken language). Your health region will then work to find a provider or clinic that is accepting new patients in a location that works for you. This service is available in both English and French.
For more information, contact:

Family Doctor Finder
Phone: 204-786-7111
Toll-free 1-866-690-8260

Health E-Plan
Health e-Plan is a secure, interactive online tool that can help you better understand your current health and learn ways to improve it. Health e-Plan gives information and provides added encouragement with a rewards program to help keep you motivated over time. Health e-Plan involves four easy steps: assess your health, set goals, take action and track your progress.

Health Links – Info Sante
Health Links – Info Sante is a province-wide program that offers triage services, health information and referral, and nurse advice to callers 24 hours a day, seven days a week in over 100 languages. Services include: symptom assessment and triage, referral to the most appropriate level of care, general health information and assistance in finding health resources in local communities.
Ph: 204-788-8200       Toll Free: 1-888-315-9257

Telecare / Telesoins Manitoba
TeleCARE / TeleSOINS Manitoba is a telephone or telehealth based self-management program for people diagnosed with heart failure or Type 2 diabetes or those at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Health professionals assess your health, monitor any symptoms you may have and provide education, tools and support to help you self-manage your condition from home. You will learn about nutrition, exercise, medications, self-monitoring and how to manage any complications that may arise.
Ph: 204-788-8686       Toll Free 1-866-204-3737


Health Services

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority offers many programs for older adults. Services include: Home Care, Quick Care Clinics, Geriatric Program Assessment Team, Healthy Aging Resource Team, Geriatric Day Hospitals, Public Health Nursing Services, Adult Day Programs and referral information.

Home Care Program
The WRHA operates a Home Care Program which provides home health care services and support to individuals so they remain independent and at home for as long as safely possible. Services may include: personal care, home support, nursing, respite and or caregiver relief, occupational and physical therapy assessments, household maintenance, referrals to other agencies, referrals to adult day programs, service coordination and assessments for long-term care and specialty services. Services can be requested by the individual, the family or by the doctor. Once Home Care receives a request for service, a Home Care Case Coordinator will meet with the individual and any other caregivers at home to discuss care needs. Based on the information gathered, the coordinator will develop a care plan to help the individual manage at home.
If other services are needed (ex. long-term care or alternative housing options), they can be accessed any time by requesting this information from your Home Care Case Coordinator.
If the individual becomes ill and is admitted to hospital, the hospital will inform the Home Care Program and a new plan will be made for when the person returns home. If the individual cannot return home, the Case Coordinator can help access appropriate housing and care options (ex. supportive housing, companion care, personal care homes, chronic care and hospital placement).
Download a copy of the Home Care Guidebook

Geriatric Day Hospitals
The geriatric day hospitals provide frail seniors over the age of 65 years with outpatient assessment and rehabilitation. The assessment may include two or more of the following disciplines: nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, geriatrician, geriatric psychiatrist, social worker, pharmacist, dietitian, speech language pathology and spiritual care. Those attending day hospitals require assessment and rehabilitation, health promotion and support to remain in the community. Individuals usually attend once or twice weekly for half or full days. Transportation services are available within Winnipeg. Services extend to the surrounding areas of Winnipeg. Referral must be received from the individual’s primary care provider, home care coordinator or the hospital after an inpatient or emergency room stay.

Geriatric Program Assessment Team (GPAT)
The GPAT program assesses frail people over the age of 65 years, living in Winnipeg. Anyone can refer to this service. Clients are seen by a geriatric clinician in their homes or a hospital for an assessment of the following problems: mobility impaired functions/activities of daily living, confusion/dementia, incontinence (toiletting), depression, inadequate social supports and medication issues (poly pharmacy).
www.wrha.mb.ca       Ph: 204-982-0140

Healthy Aging Resource Team
The Healthy Aging Resource Team is made up of two community health care professionals in Winnipeg. They work in the community to promote health, increase awareness about injury and illness prevention, provide primary care and manage chronic diseases for adults ages 55+. The healthy aging resource teams are committed to: promote health, manage chronic disease, prevent injury and illness, provide health programs, promote independent living, and work with communities.
River East: 204-940-2114       St. James: 204-940-3261       Downtown: 204-940-8140

Mature Women’s Centre
The Mature Women’s Centre located at the Victoria General Hospital provides a range of services using a nurse managed, interdisciplinary team approach with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. Services include management of menopause, osteoporosis, hysterectomy alternatives and urogenital health.
Email: info@maturewomenscentre.ca

Public Health Nursing Services
Public Health Nursing Services are available throughout Manitoba to all individuals, families and groups in a variety of settings such as homes, community clinics and community centres. They focus on health promotion and the prevention of disease and injuries. Services include: assessment of health needs, health teaching and counselling, immunizations, referrals and advocacy.

QuickCare Clinics
QuickCare Clinics provide walk-in and appointment access to health care services when regular primary care services may not be available. Clinics are staffed by registered nurses and nurse practitioners, who diagnose and treat minor health issues that do not require emergency care. They are not a replacement for regular visits with your health care provider. However, they are designed to help you access the health care you need, when your regular provider isn’t available. Information about your visit to a QuickCare Clinic can be shared (if you like) with your regular health care provider to keep your medical records accurate and up-to-date. If you don’t have a regular health care provider when you visit one of these clinics, staff can also help you look for one.

Manitoba Health Insurance Plan & Benefits
All insured residents of Manitoba are covered by the health insurance plan administered by Manitoba Health. Each Manitoban is given a Manitoba Health Card with a nine digit lifetime identification number. For a full list of what services Manitoba Health will cover or to obtain a card:

Senior Eyeglass Program
The Manitoba Health Senior Eyeglass Program provides limited financial assistance to Manitoba residents 65+ toward the purchase of eyeglasses (one pair of eyeglasses every three year period – or more often if there is a change in vision). For more information contact:

Pharmacare Program
Pharmacare is a drug benefit program for all Manitobans whose income is seriously affected by high prescription drug costs. Pharmacare coverage is based on total family income and the amount you pay for eligible prescription drugs. Pharmacare program applications are available at all Manitoba pharmacies, on the Manitoba Health website or by contacting the office. For more information on enrolment plans, deductible installment payment plans and application deadlines:

Home Cancer Drug (HCD) Program
The HCD Program allows Manitobans who are diagnosed with cancer to access eleigible outpatient oral cancer and specific supportive drugs (listed in the HCD Program formulary) at no cost to a patient who is covered by the program. The HCD covers only eligible medications that are used to treat cancer and / or support the treatment of cancer. If you have questions about whether a medication that has been prescribed for you is eligible for coverage through the HCD Program ask your CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) care provider or pharmacist.

For general information: 204-787-4591
To find out if you are enrolled in the HCD Program and / or the Manitoba Pharmacare Program contact Provincial Drug Programs at: 204-786-7141 or toll free at 1-800-297-8099


Other Health Services

Mental Health Crisis Centre
The Crisis Response Centre is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is located at 817 Bannatyne Avenue in Winnipeg. The centre offers walk-in assessment and treatment for those in mental crisis, along with referrals to other mental health services.
To reach this team call: 204-940-1781

Mens’ Resource Centre
The Men’s Resource Centre provides counseling services and a range of support services to men who have experienced trauma and stressors in their lives and want to resolve related issues. The Drop-in Counseling Program on Mondays from 1:00 – 9:00 p.m. is the first access point for all the counseling programs.

Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba
The Mood Disorders Association provides support and information for individuals and families in the community and in hospital. The association helps to identify symptoms, educate and encrouage clients to seek the treatment they need.


Therapy and Medical Services

Community Therapy Services (CTS)
CTS is a private non-profit agency that provides the services of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals to help individuals live safely and independently in their own homes. Many of the agency’s services are funded directly by Manitoba Health through the regional health authorities and are provided at no cost to eligible clients.


Dental Services

Centre for Community Oral Health (CCOH) Dental Clinics
The CCOH provides a full range of dental services in underserved communities across Manitoba through dental clinics. Appointments are recommended but walk-ins and emergencies are welcome.
Access Downtown Dental Clinic: 204-940-3816
Deer Lodge Clinic: 204-831-2157

CCOH – Home Dental Care Program
This outreach program operated by the Centre for Community Oral Health (CCOH) provides a full range of dental care services to patients who are homebound because of abscess or oral health problems. Faculty dentists and dental hygienists using a mobile van with portable dental equipment, provide care in personal care homes, senior citizens’ residences, hospitals and private homes. Dental services are offered on a fee-for-service basis.

Mount Carmel Clinic
Mount Carmel Clinic offers dental services where the costs are based on the client’s ability to pay.

University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry
The Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Manitoba operates a clinic for teaching. If you require dental services, call the clinic to see if your needs can be met, as the availability of services changes throughout the year. Reduced fees are charged and there may be a waiting period before the first appointment.


Senior Foot Care Services

Nor’West Foot Care Program
Specialized nursing foot care is provided to seniors and others who can no longer safely care for their feet at no cost. The service is offered at 14 different locations in Winnipeg. Other services include educational presentations.
Ph: 204-938-5905