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Employment/Retirement, Income Security & Taxes

Employment & Retirement

Opportunities for Employment – Mature Worker Program
The Mature Worker program provides free employment services to Winnipeg residents age 50+. The goal is to find meaningful full-time, part-time employment through a variety of services including: one-on-one consultation with an employment consultant, career exploration, job-seeking support, networking opportunities, interview preparation, resume development, access to the job resource area and workshops.

Office of the Superintendent – Pension Commission
The Office of the Superintendent – Pension Commission of Manitoba is a regulatory agency responsible for the administration of The Pension Benefits Act (the Act). The mandate of the Office of the Superintendent is to promote the establishment, extension and improvement of pension plans.

The Third Quarter is a national non-profit organization, specializing in recruitment services for mature Canadian job seekers aged 45 and up, who are in the third quarter of their careers. They bridge the gap between talented people looking for work and the businesses that need their expertise.

Winnipeg Transition Centre
The Winnipeg Transition Centre offers employment counselling and assistance, recruitment and professional development courses.
Ph: 204-338-3899


Provincial Income Security Programs

55 Plus Program
The 55 PLUS Program, a Manitoba Income Supplement, provides quarterly benefits to lower-income Manitobans who are 55+ and whose incomes are within certain levels. Eligibility is based on income reported in your tax return from the previous year. If you do not receive benefits from federal Old Age Security, you must apply for the 55 PLUS Program supplement each benefit year. You can apply any time during the benefit year. Your benefits will start in the quarter in which your completed application is received. If you are married and your spouse is either under 55 of over 65, you may still be eligible for 55 PLUS benefits.

RentAid (Formerly Manitoba Shelter Benefit)
RentAid provides direct monthly cash to renters 55+ who are living in privately owned buildings and who meet certain qualifications. The monthly allowance is based on total gross income and on the monthly rent paid. An application must be completed by the tenant. People living in publicly owned senior housing, rent supplemented housing or personal care homes are already benefitting from government subsidies and are not eligible for RentAid.


Income Tax

Canada Revenue Agency – Federal Income Tax Inquiries
For general inquiries on your federal income tax contact: 1-800-959-8281

Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP)
The Canada Revenue Agency and community organizations across Manitoba work together to provide tax preparation clinics and arrange for volunteers to prepare tax returns for eligible people.

Manitoba Tax Assistance Office
Information is provided at the Manitoba Tax Assistance Office to help complete the provincial section of the income tax return.


Financial Counselling

Community Financial Counselling Services
Community Financial Counselling Services provides confidential financial assessment, credit counselling and information on money management to individuals and families, in person or by phone. They also offer: negotiation with creditors to set up repayment plans, presentations on consumer credit and financial management, financial counselling for problem gamblers and affected family members and free tax preparation services for low / fixed income earners during March / April of each year.